What’s happenin’ Vancouver?

Vancouver is the sexiest city in Canada. Trust me – I’ve seen what Toronto is like.

We got mountains. We got beaches. We got craft beer and plenty of hipsters to drink it.

I love my city, and all of British Columbia! So I’m here to share information to help you enjoy, and protect, the beautiful place we call home.

From camping guides to environmental news and product reviews, I’m here to help you live your best B.C. life!

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About Me

My writing journey began at a very young age, crafting stories that only my mother could love (and interpret).

Stories are what draw me to writing. It’s the art of taking an image in your head, translating it to words, and having someone else understand and visualize it with you. That feeling of connection is otherworldly!

We all want to be understood, and writing is how I seek to be understood, and make sense of the mess within my mind.

I write about the environment, sustainability, and enjoying nature.

Stick around if you vibe with that!

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